foodie in training | FULL weekend

i think foodie fever is contagious. the more i hang around with these certain friends of mine, the more i catch the sickness. i never thought it would happen to me.

alas, after a weekend filled with the likes of homemade avocado ice cream (oh em gee! you have to try to believe!) and a life-changing experience at the farmer’s market, not to mention a fun day of cooking and chronicling (for your later enjoyment, i assure you!) planned next weekend, it’s safe to say i’m teetering on the edge of obsession. just look at some of my latest pins┬áto see what i mean.

i’m really drawn to styling that looks like you’ve caught someone in the act, either in creating or enjoying the food. i love the little messy details that add character. i love bright, cheery and clean shots, and dark, brooding and decadent shots. i love tomato seeds, flour and crumbs. muffins shaking loose of their pans, bright juicy raspberries rolling along the counter.

sigh. can’t you see it? i’m in love.

LOVE the styling and recipes from la tartine gourmande!

these decadent shots from what katie ate