we.love | a brief history of john baldessari

such an interesting way to tell a story. and an interesting story, too.

thanks to the flashdance for showing me this awesome vid!


we.do | ace of braids

crazy things happen when the weather gets hot, and you’d better believe we’ve got a trick up our sleeves. there’s something feminine and summery about face-framing braids, and it’s easier to achieve this look than you might think. this week we give you the ace of braids–in a first-ever video tutorial!

style: cynthia marie photos, video and text: alex michael may

ace of braids from alexmichael may on Vimeo.

we.style | stripe for the picking

stripe for the picking

French Connection cut out dress
$228 – usa.frenchconnection.com

Diane von Furstenberg ring
$30 – bloomingdales.com

Diane von Furstenberg resin jewelry
$30 – bloomingdales.com

See through shades
$325 – bloomingdales.com

Striped scarve
$124 – asos.com

Barneys New York folding umbrella
$130 – barneys.com

Yellow Stripe 6 Bowl
$3.95 – crateandbarrel.com

we.do | forget me knot

if you’re anything like me, you sometimes often get out of bed at the very last minute, relishing every last nanosecond of post-snooze bliss before scrambling out the door to your crazy day. while i still grasp firmly to the dreams of the day when i will rise early, run 23.7 miles, cook and enjoy a three course breakfast, shower AND shave AND exfoliate, apply a full face of makeup and put on my pre-laid-out outfit that i prepared the night before while listening to Tchaikovsky Symphony#6 and doing yoga, a girl’s gotta have a plan b, yes?
enter the forget me knot, a romantic and deceivingly simple alternative to putting your hair back or pulling a britney. you simply need a few bobbie pins and a clear or black (depending on your hair color) hair elastic.
we finished ours with a studded barrette by collude to add a little extra edge. now tell me, what are YOUR tips for a streamlined a.m. routine?

style by cynthia marie. photos, layouts and text by alex michael may.

we.create | striped table runner

run ’em like run ’em run ’em.

i recently created this striped table runner while decorating for a friend’s bachelorette party, and it turned out so cute, we used it at the wedding too! this can be applied in any color (why not try a warm palette for the summer, or go with an ombre effect!) and on almost anything (new curtains, anyone?!)

i used wide painter’s tape i picked up at my local paint supply store, a plain canvas runner (you can get yardage and leave it unfinished, too! i’ve been wanting to try burlap!!) and acrylic or fabric paint in the color of your choice. i find sponge brushes make application a cinch.

make sure you let the paint dry fully before peeling the tape.

now tell me, how will YOU use this super simple technique?


foodie in training | FULL weekend

i think foodie fever is contagious. the more i hang around with these certain friends of mine, the more i catch the sickness. i never thought it would happen to me.

alas, after a weekend filled with the likes of homemade avocado ice cream (oh em gee! you have to try to believe!) and a life-changing experience at the farmer’s market, not to mention a fun day of cooking and chronicling (for your later enjoyment, i assure you!) planned next weekend, it’s safe to say i’m teetering on the edge of obsession. just look at some of my latest pins to see what i mean.

i’m really drawn to styling that looks like you’ve caught someone in the act, either in creating or enjoying the food. i love the little messy details that add character. i love bright, cheery and clean shots, and dark, brooding and decadent shots. i love tomato seeds, flour and crumbs. muffins shaking loose of their pans, bright juicy raspberries rolling along the counter.

sigh. can’t you see it? i’m in love.

LOVE the styling and recipes from la tartine gourmande!

these decadent shots from what katie ate