we.do | the brigitte

i have a little motto i like to live by. the words go big or go home can be interpreted in a multitude of ways, but for me, generally it’s referencing my hair.

i also have a little sign hanging in my bathroom that says “the higher the hair the closer to god.”

don’t judge me.

yes, i used to go overboard with this (maybe i will post a pic of my too-big hair days…i’ll think on it. i went all conehead with it one time. or 12.)

big tousled VS angel style hair will ALWAYS be sexy as far as i’m concerned. i’ve always thought brigitte bardot really created the perfect balance between, big, styled and messy/effortless. how she did that i don’t know, but how she did this i do.

check out our video below for step by step instructions on how to get the look.

and check back next week for another bardot-inspired style!!

we.deux le brigitte bardot (we.do the brigitte!) from alexmichael may on Vimeo featuring cynthia marie. videography by herman vides.


we.do ESSENTIAL TOOLS | making waves: curling with a flat iron

photos, video and post by alex michael may. style created by cynthia marie. music: home again blues by aileen stanley.

soft, flowing waves are the ultimate in femininity and a perfect summer style for any occasion. they seem so effortless and romantic and personally, face-framing wings make me feel beautiful and just together.
it can be difficult to achieve the waves with a curling iron, and it’s a fine line between curly and shirley temple beachy, so cynthia and i thought creating flat-iron waves would be a perfect way to kick off our essential tools guide, where we will share the building blocks to good styling technique. once you master a few simple tricks, you can pull off nearly any style!
back to today’s tutorial, it’s also awesome  (and economical!) to get multiple looks with one tool, so without further ado i give you making waves! oh, and see that little video down there? please watch! it’s my first project after having taken blogshop video on monday. needless to say i was prrrettty excited to share it with you 🙂

we.do: making waves from alexmichael may on Vimeo.

we.do | ace of braids

crazy things happen when the weather gets hot, and you’d better believe we’ve got a trick up our sleeves. there’s something feminine and summery about face-framing braids, and it’s easier to achieve this look than you might think. this week we give you the ace of braids–in a first-ever video tutorial!

style: cynthia marie photos, video and text: alex michael may

ace of braids from alexmichael may on Vimeo.

we do | messy fallen faux-bob updo

i’ve been growing my hair out for hmmm say 18 years. okay, i’m exaggerating, but only a little. i’ve always dreamed of mermaid-esque locks. hair so long, it could be worn as a shirt. the kind that sweeps to and fro as you walk, and when held up and released bounces in a shiny slow-motion montage ala the pantene commercials.

that being said, long hair, especially hair with minimal layers like mine, tends to miss the volume train most of the time, and i find myself considering ( i said CONSIDERING, as in VERY casually) cutting my hair into a cute little bob that would be playful and messy. thanks to my lovely friend adrienne, us medium-long-haired gals may just be in luck, and be able to get the best of both worlds. meet the messy, fallen faux-bob. part updo, part messy undone faux-bob, this little treasure was immediately added to my arsenal. you really only need a comb, some bobbies, and hair spray. oh, and i highly recommend starting with curled or wavy hair. you can also touch up the pieces around your face with a curling iron later. we finished with a ban.do shoe clip as an adornment. get the steps below.

beauty report 2012 | hot (and not!) off the runway

if you haven’t noticed by now, i’m semi obsessed with hair and makeup, and that’s pretty much the first thing i notice (if not the only thing i reallypay attention to) on the runway. to me fashion week is just a beauty olympics, so here i play judge and give you my top trends and the do’s that are major don’ts. i’ll be doing some tutorials inspired by these looks, so if there’s something you love just holler! (i won’t make you pay $50, you’re not a tiger, silly!)

all photos by imaxtree