we.do | forget me knot

if you’re anything like me, you sometimes often get out of bed at the very last minute, relishing every last nanosecond of post-snooze bliss before scrambling out the door to your crazy day. while i still grasp firmly to the dreams of the day when i will rise early, run 23.7 miles, cook and enjoy a three course breakfast, shower AND shave AND exfoliate, apply a full face of makeup and put on my pre-laid-out outfit that i prepared the night before while listening to Tchaikovsky Symphony#6 and doing yoga, a girl’s gotta have a plan b, yes?
enter the forget me knot, a romantic and deceivingly simple alternative to putting your hair back or pulling a britney. you simply need a few bobbie pins and a clear or black (depending on your hair color) hair elastic.
we finished ours with a studded barrette by collude to add a little extra edge. now tell me, what are YOUR tips for a streamlined a.m. routine?

style by cynthia marie. photos, layouts and text by alex michael may.


11 thoughts on “we.do | forget me knot

    • …as i throw it up in a bun practically EVERY day! this is a way to challenge myself to break that bad, bad habit! 🙂

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