we.create | floral gift:rope vase in under 5

there is something about receiving fresh flowers that just makes you feel pretty darn special. the tactile experience is also a pleasant one, from the fragrance to the bright colors to the velvety texture of the petals.

i prefer to make my own arrangements, with a few simple blooms from trader joes, the market, or even my own yard. it can be tough to come up with a proper vessel in which to deliver them, however, and sometimes the tissue paper/ribbon route doesn’t allow the flowers to wait for their recipient without becoming parched.

enter the rope vase. the rugged look of this hardy vase provides a nice dichotomy against the bright, lush flowers. you can even add a bit of colored yarn or string by wrapping around the rope first, then wrapping the rope around the glass or vase.

the best part is, this gift is inexpensive, quick to assemble, and packs quite the punch in the thoughtfulness department. with water and plant food supplying the stems with nutrients, you can even leave them on the doorstep as an unexpected surprise. i came home today to a similar treat, and i’ve been smiling ever since!


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