NEW COLUMN! wemiss | crystal clear pepsi

when i see some now obscure object or product from my childhood in the late 80s and early 90s i get a little nostalgic. and by a little i mean a lot.

it’s so fun to revisit those cultural icons that meant so much to you as a youngin’, and inevitably be transported right back to those memories and feelings. to me they still seem so real, and harken back to more innocent pure times, before social media and the corruption of youth. okay, well not entirely, but you know what i mean.

today we focus on crystal clear pepsi. the more mature and classy older sister (she’d probably smoked a cigarette and wore red lipstick, and went to really cool parties and stuff) of regular old pepsi, which in my young mind was always just a poor man’s coke.

thinking back on it, this might actually work well in today’s market with natural cane sugar and no dyes or caramel coloring #bla bla. hmmm….i might write a little note to those peeps at pepsico and propose a little plan…PEPSI[organic].

do YOU remember crystal clear pepsi? what other blasts from the past would you like to revisit together? i’d love to hear your feedback and ideas!


you can read about its actual launch and why it was phased out here where these images also came from. quite an interesting little tidbit really.

until next time my little rainbows! xo


4 thoughts on “NEW COLUMN! wemiss | crystal clear pepsi

  1. This is hilarious! Every time I hear Right Now by Van Halen I always say this is the Clear Pepsi commercial song! No one usually remembers….

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