wecreate | splashy sunshades

well folks, spring and summer are truly afoot. and other than the fact we don’t want unsightly signs of premature aging, a big pair of glamour glasses really pulls a bright day’s ensemble together and allows for minimal makeup.

this simple spray paint project (are we noticing a trend here?) transforms ordinary and inexpensive shades to a pair of punchy statement glasses.

you will simply need your glasses ( i got mine for under $10 at H&M,) painters tape (i used different widths for different effects) and spray paint in an interesting palette (of course i used montana paints, my favorite.)


-carefully cover the lenses with paper and tape and the sides with tape, leaving exposed the areas you wish to paint. i taped it off in increments to add interest.

-paint the areas one at a time, letting dry completely before taping off with paper to protect while painting the other sections. repeat. let dry completely before removing the tape. voila! you’re a real stunner.



7 thoughts on “wecreate | splashy sunshades

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