we do | messy fallen faux-bob updo

i’ve been growing my hair out for hmmm say 18 years. okay, i’m exaggerating, but only a little. i’ve always dreamed of mermaid-esque locks. hair so long, it could be worn as a shirt. the kind that sweeps to and fro as you walk, and when held up and released bounces in a shiny slow-motion montage ala the pantene commercials.

that being said, long hair, especially hair with minimal layers like mine, tends to miss the volume train most of the time, and i find myself considering ( i said CONSIDERING, as in VERY casually) cutting my hair into a cute little bob that would be playful and messy. thanks to my lovely friend adrienne, us medium-long-haired gals may just be in luck, and be able to get the best of both worlds. meet the messy, fallen faux-bob. part updo, part messy undone faux-bob, this little treasure was immediately added to my arsenal. you really only need a comb, some bobbies, and hair spray. oh, and i highly recommend starting with curled or wavy hair. you can also touch up the pieces around your face with a curling iron later. we finished with a ban.do shoe clip as an adornment. get the steps below.


11 thoughts on “we do | messy fallen faux-bob updo

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  2. You are amazing! I was just thinking about how I must adapt a few updos that I know I can do well. Same hair. I will try this for a bridal shower I’m going to on Sunday. Ten thumbs up.

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