we love spring! | feeling inspired

yesterday i found myself feeling inspired by the spring air. the sun is shining, the birds chirping. something about spring just feels so fresh. i want to renovate my patio, plant some herbs and succulents. maybe a green wall, and get it ready for a summer of sweet-tea sipping and sunday mimosas. i want to clean my house, open the doors and windows and let in the fresh air. and i feel more hopeful about other changes i want to make, too.

i think spring is a great time to start fresh, cast away any old habits or hangups and let yourself flourish and thrive. much like the flora and fauna that surrounds us!

what is YOUR favorite part about spring??

ps-i found a little surprise yesterday growing out of my bushes by my front door. one single bird of paradise, blooming in all its glory!

photo by tim walker


4 thoughts on “we love spring! | feeling inspired

  1. i think that my favorite day of spring is the first day you can wear sandles, jeans and a tee. You’re not being ridiculous. You can finally tell your boots that though you still may wear them, you no longer need them. i’m long past that day since it’s been 80+ in texas, but i look back on spring in iowa with fondness.

  2. this spring has been so nice that we are a month ahead of normal flower and tree activity – very welcome. our wisteria rewarded us with an incredible shower of blossoms to walk under every morning.

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