wecreate | animal jewelry stands

i love all the little animal projects i’ve been seeing, so when i opened my jewelry drawer and realized what a jungle it was in there, i decided to tame the wild beast one step at a time. to start, i decided to re-vamp some plastic animal figurines i had, creating a ring/earring holding elephant and a bracelet bearing giraffe to set on my nightstand and act as a kind of catch-all for the pieces i wear the most.
this project was so simple, and i really love the way they came out. i adorned the elephant with a crown of tissue-paper flowers for a punch of color. the gold paint i used on the giraffe really came out well, and actually makes it look as if it is some kind of cast metal. i find myself wanting to make a full menagerie to fill my house!


11 thoughts on “wecreate | animal jewelry stands

  1. O my goodness this is SO weird. kels and i were JUST talking about animal jewelry stands yesterday. too funny. And I LOVE the giraffe one!!!

  2. Monfo thinks that this is so modern! I can’t beleive that it was found for only one dollar! I agree with the Underloo, I LOVE the flowers on the elephant! Good work Alex! : )

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