wecreate | cheerful bamboo serving spoons


last month i was sick. as i popped into my local walgreens for some much-needed antibiotics, something in the seasonal aisle caught my eye: bamboo cooking utensils, for just $1 each!
clearly i had to have them. many of them. and i needed to paint them with my montana gold spray paint, too. duh. home the next day i began to tape them in preparation for painting, when i realized there was absolutely no reason they couldn’t be colorful AND patterned. i imagined gathering a bunch and tying them with ribbon, presenting them as a housewarming gift, or hanging them side by side, colors popping in my kitchen. this set is going to my friend amanda.
the directions of course are simple: tape, spray, let dry and peel. it’s important to note that spray paint is NOT edible and so it is best to coat with a non toxic sealant before using. this will also help preserve the paint. also, these are NOT to be used near an open flame, unless the materials you use to decorate are all natural or flame retardant. i don’t recommend using these with a wok for example, or while grilling, though they would be perfect to serve pasta with, stir batter or toss a fresh salad.


9 thoughts on “wecreate | cheerful bamboo serving spoons

  1. I already have a bunch of wooden spoons and I’m so looking forward to them matching my kitchen attire. Love this!

  2. Monfo is not the cooking type, but these are the cutest and most stylish spoons Monfo has ever seen! monfo now has an excuse to cook EVERY night! and these are uber cheap ; )

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