new column: wecreate | studded phone case

i’ve always been a fan of things with a bit of an edge. a frilly skirt with combat boots, a fresh face with smudged black liner, uncle jesse with a mullet. these are things that make me go weak in the knees (along with a good TLC song, am i right??) so it’s no surprise that when my friend lindsey showed up with a crazy studded phone that i went berserk.

i had a leopard print phone cover from j.crew that needed just that little something extra, and i knew it was fate when my beloved studded forever 21 bracelet broke, sending beautiful golden pyramid-shaped beads flying to the far corners of my kitchen.

i broke out some glue and changed my little iPhones life forever. see my (and lindsey’s original!) creation below.

oh, and one last thing. here are some things i learned the hard way:
go easy on the gorilla glue. it expands as it dries, and if you use too much it will bubble and create hard pieces around your design.
use it according to the directions, and place something flat and weighted on top as you let it dry (for the recommended time!)
use a straight-edged item such as a yardstick, pencil, etc. to line up your design and create those perfectly straight edges.

** update! apparently my 90’s trivia failed me. the aforementioned song, “weak in the knees” is actually by a lovely group called sisters with voices! ha! I swear i’m “never gonna get it” (en vogue? anyone?)


5 thoughts on “new column: wecreate | studded phone case

  1. Love it. What a difference the beads make. Also love your humor…the mullet and tiny pyramid bullets flying thru kitchen. Duck!

  2. Monfo has been waiting for a glamorous phone case (that isn’t a million dollars!!) Monfo can’t belive that you made that! Fabu phone case, here I come!

  3. you have some avid followers, dontcha…wish ur gf was hot like me…. hehe love u and ur blog!! im an official follower!

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