with flying colors | color run SF 2012

look, let’s just call a spade a spade here. or a non-spade a non-spade…or whatever. i’m NOT a runner. i’d like to be, sure. but i’m just NOT.
i do have ridiculously long legs. i do love lulu lemon-esque fitness outfits (nike has some real cute running shorts…) and i have some really great tunes that are just dying to make it onto a running playlist. but i am STILL NOT a runner.
not yet anyway.
has this been on my list of goals/new year’s resolutions/to-do’s for ages? you betcha. but i’m trying to get into a period of less say more do (hmm wait, here i sit saying, er typing, and clearly not doing…but this is just for accountability, i swear!)
with all that gobbledegook having been said now, i think i may have found a way to hold myself to this bucket list goal.
enter the COLOR RUN.
yes. the color run. where you run through flying colors, literally. you are doused in different beautiful colors throughout the 5k run, and afterwards you are a rainbow of a beautiful disaster. my sweet sister lauren told me about this last night and we quickly formulated a plan. we are going to train together (thanks to technology, so we can check in and encourage each other though we are 1200 miles apart, she in nebraska and i here in lala land.)
she gets to come visit me in july and we’ll make our way to san francisco together to celebrate achieving something awesome, sister time and her sweet 16 (and my twenty-somethingeth year, too!) anyway, it’s nice to make a plan to do something you’ve always wanted to do, and i’m trying to make some really great things happen in 2012. let’s make it rain(bow)!

what have you always wanted to do, and how can you make your dream a reality??


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