thank you for smoking | simple daytime smoky eye tutorial

they say the eyes are the window to the soul.some crystal-clear sparkling shop windows on rodeo drive, some rugged handmade thick-paned sheets on a remote cabin. i’d rather have a slightly foggy come-hither mysterious window, the kind poor little chimney-sweeping children gather around poking their soot-tipped noses against in the dead of winter, watching the family inside gather around a hot kettle of bubbling porridge and…dang wrong post.

but really, eyes have some serious power. the power to communicate without words, the power to inspire iconic songs by peter gabriel. or at least the power to give you the power to give someone the eye and mean it.
maybe this is just the time to segue into what was promised in the title of this post. how to do a simple and day-friendly smoky eye, paired with a nude lip.

a special thank you to the beautiful adrienne stelk for helping with this tutorial!

you will need:
neutral base shadow, a medium shade for lid and a darker shadow to create the smoke and mirrors.
dark eyeliner or an angled liner brush (if you want to use your shadow as the liner)
blending brush
nude lipstick/gloss

get the look:
1) apply the base shadow from lash line to brow bone.
2) use the dark shadow and brush to sweep shadow in the crease from the outer corner of your eye inward, making small circular motions in a larger c-shape.
3) apply the medium shadow to the center of your lid, where you imagine your iris would be with your eyes closed.
4) line lower and upper lash lines with liner or the dark shadow. blend all and get smoky look by gently smudging upward and outward.
5) apply mascara
6) finish with lips.

you can use so many different colors and products to achieve this look that i felt like it wasn’t necessary to call out my specific products in this post. in general i love smashbox’s blue eyes palette though for smoky smudge-loving browns, and am definitely planning on posting a beauty roundup soon!


5 thoughts on “thank you for smoking | simple daytime smoky eye tutorial

  1. This is the kind of detailed lesson I want. Many of us are not make-up naturals. Adrienne looks beautiful and not overdone! Must try with my fav bouffant style.

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