help i need help | brilliant branding

while i was sick again last week and waiting at the pharmacy i ran across some tiny little packages with sayings like “help i can’t sleep” and “help i have a headache.” i’ll admit i AM that person that buys things because they look pretty, but this seemed different.

i picked them up and started to read more about this simple premise and see what other things they could assist me with. turns out i really like the company and their thinking. they don’t take themselves too seriously, with all those big words and stuff, but they do seem to take their mission quite seriously. with the tagline “take less,” they think less is more, so packaging is simple, made from 100% post industrial waste and easy to understand and each product is made with one active ingredient.

and the help i’ve cut myself has partnered up with bone marrow registry to provide a simple registration kit in each pack to raise awareness and help those in need of a transplant (100,000 people each year, only half of which find donors.)

so there’s no reason modern products can’t have both form and function, eh? help remedies, $4 each, drugstores.


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