throwback: oodles of caboodles

there were few status symbols us children of the 80’s and 90’s coveted more than the all-carrying caboodle. if you showed up at the slumber party without one (full of bonne bell lipglosses, kissing potion, lip smackers and covered in lisa frank stickers no less) you might as well have not shown up.

i thought these totally rad totes had disappeared into obscurity until i read about their 25th anniversary resurgence on a recent flight.

that’s right, gals (and some guys i’d imagine) the ‘boodles are back and they’re not your colorblocked plastic polly pocket holders any longer. enter the new generation: train cases, “it” bags and clear plastic makeup organizers. i would actually own and operate one of the train cases…perfect for my “kit” of all items needed for styling a shoot, craft items or my ever-expanding makeup collection.



5 thoughts on “throwback: oodles of caboodles

  1. OMG! these were the best!! I kept scrunchies in mine, and my sister and I shared one with nailpolishes. They were the coolest!

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