heading home for a few days, and while it’s for a sad reason, i’m excited to spend some time with my friends and family. i really miss them, and hate that i’ve been coming home to say goodbye to some of them a little too often lately.

there’s something about being home that makes me feel comforted and happy. driving the streets i know like the back of my hand, every intersection and landmark a memory. laughing with friends and family who have known me since forever. sleeping in my old bed. reverting back to being a child in my parents’ house. causing mischief and wreaking havoc with my brother. haunting all my old haunts. touring my old stomping grounds.

there really is no place like home.


5 thoughts on “hometime

  1. We were very happy to have you back, considering the sitch. Our trip to vals, old c’s, and watching baby Joseph. Love you!

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