overstimulation station | RE:GENERATION music project

okay. wow. too many synapses in my brain are firing right now to coherently string together a sentence.

i went to see the RE:GENERATION music project documentary tonight and i left lovedrunk.

the basis for the film (which was a grammy project, by the way) is 5 famous DJs pairing up with a completely different genre of music in collaboration with hard-hitting artists known for their work in classical, r&b, jazz, country and rock to create an original piece that transcends traditional musical lines.

i’m already a pretty big skrillex fan, but it was so amazing to see him work with members of the legendary doors, on their home turf. mark ronson, dj premier, the crystal method, and pretty lights.

some of them were definitely weary of stepping outside their comfort zones, while others embraced the challenge with an open heart and a desire to learn and grow as an artist. they were joined by the likes of erykah badu, leann rimes, nas, mod def and many others.

there is something so energizing about watching an artist work, creating something out of nothing, that is able to grab and move others to an emotion that connects us all. personally, i work best in collaborative efforts where the sharing of thoughts creates this electricity to the point where the idea takes on a life of it’s own and, organically, grows into something more amazing than any involved parties could ever imagine.

sometimes we also need to be forced to step outside our own little bubbles, and experience someone else’s point of view, and have a shift in perspective.

the result? 5 original songs from a haunting folk melody to a full-on orchestra rendition with kick drums.

and the best part of all? you can download the soundtrack for free here.

PS-the film is playing in limited release again on feb. 23. check the site to find a theater near you.


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