tutorial | valentine’s day cake topper

photos by jen gotch. cake pedestal courtesy of bountiful.


i love making fancy cake toppers for people i love, usually on their birthdays. but st. valentine’s day is the perfect occasion to figuratively shout your sweetheart’s name from the mountaintops, or in this case, cake topper bunting.

if you’re looking for something simpler that makes a big impact, check out my latest DIY column on designlovefest for an awesome cupid’s arrow version, but if you really want to get fancy, here’s a multi-tiered little number.


wooden dowels ( i just picked up bamboo cooking skewers from my local grocer.)

string-you can use baker’s twine or simple twine from any culinary store. i am fully obsessed with this metallic gold twine from knot&bow.

double-stick tape

paper (i got mine from paper source, pre-glittered wrapping paper you may remember from here, and a piece of patterned artisan paper.)

felt pieces

pre-cut hearts, or you can punch them out with a paper-punch first.



determine the width you’d like your topper to be. once you’ve committed to a size, lay your skewers down or put them in a plant (you will need to clean the skewers after making the topper and before inserting into your cake) or the actual cake you’re making the topper for as a sort of working stand.

3) NEXT:

prepare your tiers. you can make one, or a several as i did here. to create the banner effect seen on the bottom tier of mine i cut thin strips of paper, put a strip of double stick tape on the back and fold the paper over the string or twine. use scissors to snip the ends to give it the ribbon look. the next tier i taped hearts back to back and put initial stickers on top to personalize. the top tier i simply cut triangles and taped them back to back.

when your strings are full of adornments and you’re ready to see them hang, place a small strip of double-stick tape around the skewers at the spot where you want the tier to hang. this will help it stick when you tie the twine around the skewer. repeat until all your twine sections are hung where you want.


to add an extra bit of pizazz I used the arrow feather idea i used on this project to top the skewers. pop on over to designlovefest if you want to see exactly how to do this.

that’s it! i love making people feel special with a customized cake-topper…and i think you will too! please send along any pictures of your projects!





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