tutorial | scalloped glitter garland

this is one of my favorite easy decorations. it’s so simple to make, and it can be created in any color or pattern to add a different effect depending on the occasion.

with valentine’s day coming up, i thought it would be fun to make this in glittery pink! directions below.




large hole punch-i recommend 1″ or larger (i got mine at paper source, 2 1/8″, though i would like to make one with their larger version that is 2 1/4″.) alternatively, if you don’t want to purchase a large hole punch or you want more of an irregular look, you can hand cut circles.

string-you can use baker’s twine, thin grosgrain ribbon or as i did here, simple twine from any culinary store. i think i got mine at sur la table.

glue stick

paper (i got mine from paper source. it’s just a roll of wrapping paper that i liked because it was pre-glittered.)


use the hole punch to punch circles from the paper. you can alternate patterns or use one for a more uniform look as i did here.

3) NEXT:

glue the backside of the circle and place it, centered horizontally, under the twine. fold the top portion over the twine to meet the the other side. make sure it lines up to avoid any white or backside of the paper from showing.


repeat until you achieve your desired length. make sure to leave some room at the ends for a section of twine to tie it up with when you are using it to decorate.

you can make several or one long one, and layer them up. happy creating!


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